Mission, Vision and Values


Our vision is to be a world class supplier of industrial minerals, lime associated products and solutions globally. Growing the business responsibly through investing in our people, cost leadership, revenue growth and superior relationships with all stakeholders.


Is the fundamental value upon which we conduct our business and relationships with all stakeholders.

Customer Service
We value our internal & external customers and we strive to satisfy their expectations by delivering superior products, services and solutions, based on sound business principles.

We value teamwork and encourage an open and participative approach, at all times treating one another with respect & dignity.

Responsibility & Accountability
We accept responsibility for our actions and hold others accountable for theirs, always acting in the best interest of the company. 

Shareholder Value
We strive to be innovative, efficient & competent thereby maximising shareholder value. 

We recognise & value exceptional talent & effort.

Corporate Governance/Compliance
We will comply with all legislation and regulatory requirements. 

Critical Success Factors

To attract, retain & satisfy in order to exceed our targeted sales growth.

To continually optimise our processes to produce quality products, reduce costs & minimise waste.

To become the employer of choice by attracting and retaining skilled, motivated staff who are constantly being developed and empowered to achieve our organisational goals.

To manage cash and grow profits to create collective value.

Strategic Stakeholders
To maintain & grow relationships that enhance technical, marketing & other benefits.