Calcium carbonate is the phrase used to describe the mineral Calcite chemically. But not all calcium rich carbonates are Calcite.

Calcite is an industrial mineral found in many rock types but is most abundant in Limestone and in Marble. Minerals are the building blocks of rocks and the smallest unit you can break a rock down to through mechanical means.

Calcium carbonate is the chemical description of Calcite which is a mineral found predominantly in limestone and marble. It is more accurate to say that Idwala Carbonates produces crushed calcite than calcium carbonate.

Limestone is a rock type made up of Calcite, Dolomite, Aragonite, Siderite and clays. This can be precipitated out of salt rich waters or through oceanic detritus such as shells and skeletons.

Lime or Quicklime is an industrial substance (Calcium oxide) manufactured through the burning of volatiles off Calcium Carbonate.

Chalk is a soft white limestone made up of the skeletal remains of ocean creatures and is rich in Calcium Carbonate. As this material compacts over time, the chalk is transformed to a limestone and transformed under high pressure and temperature to a marble. Idwala Carbonates deposit is a marble deposit.

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Pyrophylite is an Aluminium Silicate found largely in schistose rocks, in the case of Idwala Industrial Minerals, it is found in metamorphosed clay that was originally volcanic ash.

No, but it is a very similar looking and behaving mineral. Talcs are generally classified as Magnesium silicates, Pyrophyllite is an aluminium silicate.

No, pyrophyllite is very soft with a hardness of 1 to 1.5 on the Mohs scale. Note that diamond has a hardness of 10 on Mohs scale and talc a hardness of 1.

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Magnetite is a ferromagnetic mineral with chemical formula Fe3O4.

It is primarily used in a Dense Medium Separation process for coal washing to form a medium denser than water to assist in separation.

The main characteristic of our Magnetite is that it is dry milled and does not clog or form lumps during the separation process. It has a high magnetic content which makes it easy to recover and has a high relative density.

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