Group Structure

Driven by innovation and agility, the Bud Group is a diversified business of scale and relevance operating across chosen platforms including, Chemicals and Minerals, Industrial Services, Building Materials, Financial Services and Industrial Supplies.

The Bud Group is present in 9 provinces in South Africa and operates in 12 countries in Africa. /


Our group of companies include;


Idwala’s lime operations predominantly produce calcitic burnt lime, which serves the mining, chemicals, metallurgical, agriculture, water, road building and environment-related industries.

The carbonates operation produces a range of products derived from calcitic and dolomitic limestone, serves the agricultural, glass, paint, paper, plastics and chemical industries.

Based on the site of a major phosphate producer, the Idwala Magnetite operation uses the processes of magnetic separation and fine milling to upgrade material from the dump site.

Pyrophyllite raw material is sourced from a quarry near Ottosdal in the North-West Province and milled or micronised at the Idwala Industrial Minerals operation in Benoni, Gauteng.


The Ferro Group manufacture and supply a highly specialised range of colours and coatings for glass, ceramics, plastics and other surfaces. The product range includes thermo-setting powder coatings, plastic masterbatch, glaze frits, ceramic glazes, porcelain enamels, resins, coating resins and dispersions.

CJP Chemicals

CJP is an importer, stockist and distributor of chemical raw materials and ingredients supplied into the food, industrial, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal care industries in South Africa.


Cerebos manufactures and supplies a range of salt products for the retail, wholesale and industrial markets in Sub Saharan Africa. Cerebos is the only manufacturer of PVD grade salt in Sub-Saharan Africa, producing around 30,000 tons per annum. A further 20,000 tons of Solar Salt is produced in Berg River along the West Coast of South Africa.


NCP Chlorchem

NCP Chlorchem, the second largest manufacturer of chlor-alkali products in South Africa, uses the chlor-alkali process to produce chlorine from chemical grade salt. Chemical grade coarse salt is used primarily for the manufacture of poly vinyl chloride (PVC), which is an input in the production of chlorine and caustic soda. Chlorine and caustic soda lye are combined in the production of sodium hypochlorite, which is used internationally for the treatment of water.

Botswana Ash

As the largest supplier of natural soda ash in Africa, Botash extracts carbonate-rich brine from beneath the surface of Sua Pan to produce light and dense soda ash for a variety of industrial uses.

Located in Sua Pan in northern Botswana, Botash also has a depot with bulk storage and warehousing in Alberton, Gauteng, to serve its South African customers. Around 650,000 tons of bulk salt is produced annually for the agricultural, food and chemical market. A further 150,000 tons of refined salt is supplied in to the retail market through Sub-Saharan Africa.

FFS Refiners

FFS Refiners is the largest supplier of industrial heating fuels in South Africa. The Company markets products for a wide variety of uses, including glass making, brick making, steam raising in boilers, billet re-heating, baking, incineration, laundry, road-mix heating, lime kilns, sand and stone drying.

Walvis Bay Salt Holdings

The Namibia-based company is the largest producer of solar sea salt in sub-Saharan Africa. It exports refined sea salt to neighbouring countries and also produces bulk coarse salt for the chemical industry.

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