Idwala Industrial Minerals

Operating out of Benoni, Idwala Industrial Minerals mills and micronizes Pyrophyllite which is mined at Witpoort in Ottosdal, approximately 250 kilometres from Johannesburg in the North West Province.

Pyrophyllite is used in the paper industry as a pitch controlling agent and as a filler in the paint industry.


Idwala Industrial Minerals: BenoniĀ 

36 Commissioner Street

Benoni Industrial Sites


Plant History


SA Glazing (SAG Minerals) sold Ceramic Minerals to Hippo Holdings.


Anglo Alpha bought Hippo Minerals. Anglo Alpha Industrial Minerals was formed.


Name changed to Alpha Industrial Minerals.


ISO 9001: 2008 registered on 14 December 1999.


MBO of the Industrial Division of Alpha Ltd. Name changed to Idwala Industrial Minerals (controlling interest of Idwala Industrial Holdings).

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