Idwala Sales and Distribution

Idwala Sales and Distribution is the marketing arm of the Carbonates and Industrial Minerals operations with offices in Durban, Benoni and Cape Town.

This operation concentrates on marketing to the paper, paint, plastics and speciality industries. It is also an agent for other local and international products which is complementary to its own range.

Idwala Sales and Distribution: Durban

37 Palmgate Crescent 

Southgate Business Park



Idwala Sales and Distribution: Benoni

36 Commissioner Street

Benoni Industrial Sites


Idwala Sales and Distribution: Cape Town

11 Kinghall Avenue

Kinghall Park

Epping 2

Cape Town

Plant History


Agency business started as Lewis & Everitt.


Anglo Alpha (part of Holderbank AG) purchased Lewis & Everitt.


When Anglo Alpha changed its name to Alpha Ltd, Lewis & Everitt’s name changed to Alpha Industrial Chemicals.


Industry profit centres changed from a regional to divisional structure.


Alpha Industrial Chemicals name changed to Idwala Sales and Distribution.

Our partners of excellence across the world

Idwala strives to uphold world class standards of excellence in all our endeavours. We partner with centres of excellence across the globe to ensure that our practices, our technology and our customer service are of the highest possible quality.

Celanese Corporation



Jai Vardhman Khaniz


JRS Rettenmaier & Sohne


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