Lime produced in our kilns at Idwala Lime in Danielskuil takes the form of lump or pebbles. At our plant in Vereeniging burnt lime is milled, or hydrated to make slaked lime.

The lumps and smaller granule, grit and powder forms of the product are used in neutralising acid solutions, water purification and softening, the manufacture of ceramics, and soil stabilisation. Effluent treatment and flue gas desulphurisation are other uses which ultimately have a positive effect on the environment.

Lime Distributors (Pty) Ltd is fully owned by Idwala Industrial Holdings.


Lime Distributors: Vereeniging

Cnr Kelvin and Rosherville Street

Plant History


The company was established as a privately owned processor and distributor of calcium type lime products. The raw material was obtained from the lime by-product generated from the production of acetylene via the carbide process at the Coalplex plant of AECI in Sasolburg.


SABS SANS 824: 2006 registered on 21 March 1991.


Changes at the Coalplex plant resulted in lime by-products not being available. A commercial venture was entered into with Alpha Ltd whereby they acquired 51% ownership. Raw product (Calcium Oxide) was then obtained from the Northern Cape operation of Alpha Lime for processing at the Vereeniging plant.


A MBO of the Industrial Division of Alpha Ltd resulted in Lime Distributors (Pty) Ltd becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Idwala Industrial Holdings Limited.


ISO 9001: 2008 registered 14 November 2003.

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