Agricultural Products

Agricultural Limestone

Kulu Agsup
Kulu Agrit C
Kulu CAG
Kulu DAG
3mm Grain (-4.2+2.8mm)
2mm Grit (-2.8+1mm)
Fines (150um)
Limestone Pebbles (-20+8mm)
Limestone Granules (-8+4mm)
Unslaked Lime
Hydrated Lime

Agricultural Prills



Agricultural lime is used for soil neutralisation and soil enrichment as most plants and crops grow best under neutral to slightly acidic conditions. Liming to adjust the pH of acidic soils to the range 6 to 7 assist in producing fertile crops and supply elements to the soil such as calcium and magnesium.

With farming being more scientific Idwala has developed ultrafine granulated limestone prills with advantages to farmers that outweigh the traditional liming method.

Our Kulu Agsup and Kulu Agrit C products are used as a source of calcium in animal feed and poultry grit to promote healthy animal growth.


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