Calcium Carbonates


Kulubrite Products

Kulubrite Extra
Kulubrite PFG
Kulubrite 2
Kulubrite 5
Kulubrite 10
Kulubrite 15
Kulubrite 45

Our Floated dry calcium carbonate products contained in our Kulubrite product range have been beneficiated through floatation resulting in a brighter, high purity calcium carbonate with particle sizes ranging from 45 micron down to 0.6 micron.

These products are ultra-fine, white extenders with pigmentary properties and good dispersion.

They are used in the paint, chemical, ceramic, plastic and paper industries.

Kulucote Products

Kulucote 95T
Kulucote 2
Kulucote F707

Our Kulucote product range consists of surface-treated Floated dry calcium carbonates. They are ultra-fine, white, stearic acid coated calcium carbonate powders with excellent dispersion properties which are used in the plastics, ink and paint industries.

Kulu Products

Kulu 15
Kulu 40
Kulu 200C

Our Kulu product range is an Unfloated, chemically pure calcium carbonate with particle sizes ranging from 15 to 200 micron. These products have a high calcium content and are used as a reagent, filler and fluxing agent in the chemical and glass industries.

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